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The Beatles and Me On Tour: 60th Anniversary Edition

In the summer of 1964 the Beatles embarked on a record-breaking, pandemonium-inducing tour of America. This is the first chronicle of that tour told by someone on the inside: Ivor Davis, then a young reporter for the London Daily Express.

For 34 days, he had unrestricted access to the four boys fresh from Liverpool—from their hotel suites to the concert arenas to their private jet, fending off girls’ (and their mothers’) attempts to hook up with the band, playing all-night games of Monopoly with John Lennon, ghostwriting a newspaper column for George Harrison, being there as Bob Dylan introduced them to pot.

In The Beatles and Me On Tour: 60th Anniversary Edition, Davis adds over 50 FAQs, a new Introduction and Epilogue, and dozens of new photos as he recounts the rip-roaring adventures of the most legendary band at a critical moment in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Manson Exposed: A Reporter’s 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder

American based Foreign correspondent Ivor Davis, delivers a gripping, “I was there” eye witness, inside story about the most notorious murder spree of the 20th century.

In ‘Manson Exposed: A Reporter’s Fifty-Year Journey into Madness and Murder,” Davis is the brutally honest guide to this true crime horror story. In this mix of personal memoir, criticism, and investigative journalism, Davis delivers a truly original take on the byzantine case that terrified and mesmerized the nation.

Davis was on the front lines of the story and offers vivid, personal accounts, interviews and hitherto unknown details from the very beginning right up to the death of the blue collar psycho named Charles Manson.

He charts the tragic inside stories not only of the those murdered but of the long list of Collateral Damage victims: the rock star, the Oscar winning director and the entertainment legends, whose lives were also destroyed by Charles Manson and his crackpot acolytes.

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Penguins

They were born to rock! Ever hear of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, down by they tip of South America? The Falklands are home to one million penguins, half a million sheep, and two just thousand humans. And all of them very British, despite being 8,000 miles from England. This is a fanciful fable about a famous Penguin rock group from the Falklands, who grew up to become one of the most successful pop group in the world. Even bigger—well almost—than the Beatles.

From renowned author and journalist Ivor Davis, who actually traveled with the Beatles in the sixties.

Tomorrow Never Knows with Special Guest Host Ivor Davis and Arthur Schreiber

May 3, 2020

The Beatles Kingdom welcomes Ivor Davis, who takes on the role of special guest host. Ivor interviews fellow journalist Art Schreiber, and the two recount their experiences on tour with the Beatles. Art also discusses his book which highlights his dealing with blindness, and his work helping others. This one is riveting from start to finish. ~And of course, Henry the Horse dances the Waltz.

Ivor Davis interviewed by Plastic EP from Australia

Melbourne Calling!

May 3, 2020

Plastic EP from Melbourne Australia interviews author Ivor Davis about the fascinating meeting between the Bealtes and Elvis Presley in 1965, and how they jammed together.

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